Hima Love Homes

Many who are unable to do basic day-to-day activities by themselves and have no one to look af ter them find shelter in convents and ashrams. The available relatives or neighbours reach at these convents only after the death of these persons just to receive their dead bodies. Some times no one turns up even to receive the dead bodies and the funeral activities are done there itself. We really have some basic responsibilities in such cases

Another fact that we could realize in our studies is that in many destitute homes inmates are living in a hospital-like atmosphere. In order to provide the inmates a homely atmosphere to live in HIMA intends to build Love Homes -with two two-bedded bathattached bed rooms , a living area and a sit-out. The estimated cost of one hut is Rs. 6 lakhs. Such ten huts are intended to be erected in the first phase. May Allah help us to complete their works and to start their functioning in time.